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Hello world!

Welcome to Vietnam Travel Tips!

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Happy Lunar New Year


Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Lunar New Year is 01/26/09.

This year is the year of the ox. I am posting this early to let everyone know when lunar new year in case you didn’t know when it is.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous year of the ox,

 Jessica & Vietnam Travel Tips

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My personal faves in Saigon/HCMC

in HCMC/Saigon there is:

Cafe Terrace, Paris Deli and Highlands Coffee in Saigon Centre. My personal favorites is the cheesecake at Paris Deli, Carmel Freeze at Highlands and pizza and pasta at Cafe Terrace.

Zen Plaza has a really good and inexpensive food court. There is also a beautiful photo studio there, too, on the food court level. There is singaporean food, chinese, vietnamese, american and japanese foods in the zen plaza food court.
Saigon Center has a small supermarket on the second floor, Zen Plaza has a small supermarket on basement level, Diamond Plaza has on the top level, An Dong Plaza has on huge supermarket mezi (spelling?) level.

Saigon Centre, Zen plaza and Diamond plaza are all in district 1. An Dong plaza is in district 3.  Saigon Centre and Diamond Plaza are more in the downtown area near Rex and Zen Plaza is near Ben Thanh market place.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or paid to say anything for the above mentioned. Just listing my own personal faves. 🙂

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

from Jessica and

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Reader’s Choice

Hi Readers!

Please let me know what tips you are interested in and what topics you like me to write about.

I am trying to remember as many tips as I can and have recruited a blogging friend if she has any tips.

Have a great day 🙂

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Dear Readers and Friends,

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Best wishes,

Jessica & 🙂

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Portable DVD player

On my last trip to Vietnam, I brought my own portable DVD player and watched DVDs when I was there. Even thou, I am Vietnamese myself, I do miss watching English speaking TV! So I burn some recordable DVDs of shows and movies I had not had time to watch off of my Tivo and got to catch up. Not all hotels/mini hotels/motels have a lot of English speaking channels it was nice to have the backup. Of course you can use your laptop (if you bring one) but it’s nice to be able to watch it on the TV. I purchased a really small one that was light at Target for under $25.

It is also good for parents with babies or small children to have a portable DVD player on the plane to keep the baby/child(ren) distracted during the long plane ride to and from Vietnam.  🙂

Disclaimer: Not affliated with Target or Tivo. 

Target and Tivo, I would love some freebies for the free advertising 🙂 LOL.

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What is available in supermarkets

There are big supermarkets and mini markets all over Vietnam that sell a lot of items that Americans, Singaporeans, etc, might be looking for.

There is many products available that are made all over all the world. Pringles chips all available at many supermarkets that I’ve seen in Saigon/HCM City. 

Have a craving for Campbell’s Chicken Soup? When I was at the Diamond Plaza in Saigon/HCM City, I saw some there.

For parents, there is diapers, formulas and other childcare needs available.

However, if you are a Silk Soy Milk person like me, it is not available in Vietnam. I brought some of my own with me and I tried some dried milk there. It worked on my delicate stomach 🙂

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Highlands Coffee

Need coffee when you are in Vietnam? Craving a carmel latte? Well you don’t have to stop drinking your favorite style of coffee. Highlands Coffee is just like Starbucks in USA (Singapore, Bali, China, England, etc). And no, there is no Starbucks in Vietnam. So Highlands is about as close to Starbucks that you can get! Most Highlands have wifi and 2 free use PCs. There is many Highlands Coffee all over Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). I have not been out of Saigon/HCM for my last visits, so I am not sure where else they are located.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Starbucks Coffee Company or Highlands Coffee Company. I am just a fellow traveler 🙂

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This just in…

My mom who was in Vietnam recently told me that foreign currency (US dollar, etc) should be new and free of any marks, wrinkles, etc, or it will dinged on the exchange.

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